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A New Community Park

The Amann family has graciously donated a 22 -acre parcel of land to the Town of Austin to develop a community park. The park will be named after the Amann Family to acknowledge the town's appreciation of the land donation and the family's long-time history in the community.


The proposed park will be supported through a special endowment fund with a planned launch in January 2023. This endowment fund is being established to collect donations to support Municipal and third-party funding for the planning, implementation, construction, and future maintenance of the community park. Once the balance of funds donated by the community reaches $2,000, the Amann Family plans to match that with a $2,000 donation. Once the fund is active in the New Year, details on how to contribute and the amounts raised will be released to the public.


With the support of the Municipality of North Norfolk, the Amann Family has retained the professional services of Lombard North Group (LNG) to develop a Strategic Plan that will result in a long-range vision for the 22-acre parcel. The vision will be rooted in the Council's wish to sustain the natural features of the site through a passive park. Additional ideas about programming and potential amenities will emerge through the results of a survey. A conceptual drawing prepared by LNG and guided by community feedback will help determine the potential scope of the project and enable the Town of Austin and Municipality of North Norfolk to assess the viability of long-range capital planning.


The process of completing the Strategic Plan will follow the steps outlined below;


Step 1 Community Engagement

The first step in executing the Strategic Plan is to seek valued stakeholder input through a community survey. The community, as knowledge bearers and future users of the park, will help define the vision and priorities of the proposed park through their feedback. A community survey will be made available in hard copy and online formats from January 13, 2023 – February 22, 2023.


Step 2 Prioritize Input

Upon conclusion of the survey period, community input will be assembled, tabulated, and assessed on the emergence of common themes. With the help of LNG, a Task Force of select Council members will review these common themes and prioritize what is feasible and aligns with the broader, long-range goals of the community resulting in a refined scope for the conceptual plan drawing.

Step 3 Concept Development

This refined scope will include possible amenities, themes, and ideas that will guide the landscape architects at LNG in developing the conceptual plan. The community's wishes will be translated onto the landscape while considering the site context, topography, drainage, vegetation, and existing general conditions


Step 4 Presentation

LNG will make the vision come to life through conceptual drawings illustrating the possible layout and experience of the future Amann Park. A Class 5 cost estimate will accompany the conceptual presentation drawings. This will be a preliminary high-level cost estimate informing the community of the potential cost of implementing the concept outlined in the plan.

The final conceptual plan will be on display in April at an open house event. Details for this event will be determined at a later date.


The survey can be accessed here; SURVEY FORM


Hard-copy surveys are available at the Municipal Office in MacGregor and at Phil's Store in Austin. Hard-copy surveys must be returned to either of these locations before they are collected on February 22, 2023.


FOR QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, OR FEEDBACK, Please contact Brydget Lewicki by email;