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Chamber of Commerce

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of the businesses and organizations in a community. It seeks to unite the efforts of its members in order to ensure that the entire community realizes a greater benefit than if those same businesses and organizations would work alone.
This means is that a Chamber of Commerce can enable its members to accomplish collectively what no one person or group of people could accomplish on their own. A Chamber is a single voice through which all local businesses and organizations can speak together.

The Municipality of North Norfolk hosts 2 different Chambers of Commerce in the communities of Austin and MacGregor.

What Does a Chamber Do?

Since the goal of Chamber of Commerce is to represent and promote local community, business and organizations, a Chamber can find itself acting in a number of ways depending on that is needed. Here are just two examples: 

  • A Chamber can work to encourage business, organization and industrial investment through events that promote networking, such as galas, seminars and opportunities to volunteer

  • A Chamber can be involved in non-commercial work, such as education, human relations, environmental work, as well as cultural and governmental concerns

So, Why Join a Chamber of Commerce?

You can think of a Chamber of Commerce as the salesperson for a community, its businesses and its organizations. Chambers work to promote their community, its local products and its services to the wider world, while also working to bring in new resources and opportunities that were not previously available.