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Heartland Recreation Commission

2023 Color Fun Run/Walk is back!

On Sunday, September 17 at 3 pm, Heartland Recreation Commission will be hosting it second annual color run in MacGregor.   This is a free event, but donations will be accepted for next years event.  2023 Color Fun Run and Walk is a walk/run for the whole family, it is around 5 km in total.  There will be 7 stations where you will get wet and then powdered color will be thrown at you. We will all meet at the Stride Centre in MacGregor, have a simple warm-up and then people will go on their way - they can run, bike, walk - last year we had kids on bikes and people walking their animals - dogs and goats. We do have stuff to purchase if you wish ahead of time online but not necessary to purchase anything. We ask that everyone register so that we are prepared for the right amount of people.  Visit the Heartland Rec facebook page for the google link to register.  Last year was so much fun we decided to bring it back.


Austin Truck Show

Love it when you hear the rumbling of semi truck engines in your neighbor's yard first thing in the morning.  It is always a treat to watch any of his "big trucks" roll by. Saturday the trucks were off to Austin's second annual truck show!   This was a fundraiser for the Austin MB Fire Department.  What a great turnout!  Incredible looking trucks and fire engine!! Great food!  Bouncy castles for kids!  Much thanks to Lindsey Smith-Winters and her many helping hands for organizing such a great event! Small town, with big heart!!


Resthaven Meals

They serve a well-balanced delicious meal Mon. to Friday at 5 pm at Resthaven. They are offering anything from Salisbury steak to shepherd’s pie – all meals include meat, potatoes, veggies and a dessert.  To book call 204-685-3158 the evening before. Leave a message with the date, name and how many people you would like to book for. They offer eat in or pick up at 4:30 pm. For more info call Karen 204-685-2083.


Golf Tournaments

The MacGregor Town & Country golf course is open for business and welcome everyone to come for a round of golf. To register for any of the upcoming tournaments please call the clubhouse. 204-685-2202.

Monkey Golf – Aug 12 – Hilda 204-870-2177

Duke’s Memorial – Aug 26 - Clubhouse

Senior Mixed Open – Sept 6 - clubhouse

Juniors Tournament – Sunday Sept 10 – clubhouse or Brett Janz

Ladies to be announced.

Reminder that Monday is $15 for 18 holes – cart not included, Thursday is Men’s Night $10 to join in anytime after 4:30 pm.  Ladies’ night is Wednesday starting at 7 pm.  Everyone welcome.


Victoria Place

Did you know that Victoria place has foot care, a hairdresser, exercise classes, movie nights and other activities for seniors.   If you would like more info call Karen 204-685-2083.



The CRC offers shuttle rides, $10 per ride to Portage from MacGregor, Austin, and Sidney. The CRC Food vault needs nonperishable food.  Attention faithful grocery buyers! Our biggest need right now in the grocery department is all the soups! Cans, cartons, dry pouches... it’s all good! Contact CRC for more information 204-685-2977.


Come play cards.

The MacGregor Senior drop-in center is welcoming people to come play cards or a game of pool on Monday and Wednesday at 1pm. 



Bring your beer bottle and beer can empties to the MacGregor arena anytime – just leave them in front of the front doors of the area. All proceed are going toward the development of a trail system in the Municipality North Norfolk. All this money is going directly to Active Transportation in the Municipality of North Norfolk. Thank you everyone.


MacGregor Chase the Ace

The MacGregor Chase the Ace on Thursdays, selling starts at 6 pm and draw is at 7 pm at the MacGregor Golf Course. Each week we have a different local service group who sells 50/50. Come for a drink, a laugh, and a chance to win some cash! 


MacGregor Handivan

The MacGregor handivan board is looking for new drivers desperately. Drivers require must be courteous and will help riders/client’s door to door. Did you know that you can rent the handivan for day trips? To book this van call McKelvy Agencies at 204 685 2390.


Senior hairdresser

Becca Harms is a versatile hairdresser who offers a range of services including perms, haircuts for both men and women, and hair coloring. You can find her every Tuesday at Victoria Place in MacGregor. To get in touch with Becca directly, you can contact her at (204) 870-2997. Whether you're looking for a new hairstyle, a fresh haircut, a stylish color, or if you're a senior in need of hairdressing services, Becca is available to assist you. Feel free to give her a call to schedule an appointment or to discuss your hair care needs.


HRC Summer theme days

HRC has hired Jewell Thompson, Quinn Knelsen, McKayla Davey, and Alexis Penner to run this summer programs. We will be offering day camp 5 days a week in MacGregor for ages 6 – 12 years old, $20 per day (field trip days will cost more) at the Stride Centre from 9 am till 4:30 pm.   Little critter camp will be Mondays in Austin at the Childcare centre (AKA senior centre), and on Fridays in MacGregor at the Stride Centre for ages 3 – 5, $15 per day and will be from 10 am till 2 pm.  Preregistration is required and can be done to or Theme days on facebook. More details come asap.


Manitoba threshermans reunion

What an amazing four days of food, fun and fabulous entertainment. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who made the Manitoba threshermen’s reunion happen!  All your hard work is greatly appreciated.


Canadian Dirt

Join the ride on November 11 to see Gord Bamford at the Glesby Centre in Portage.  $50 person includes pick up and drop off at the Stride Centre in MacGregor and a ticket for the event.  Bus will be leaving MacGregor at 6:30 pm.  Book & pay for your seat now with HRC.  Limited seating and deadline is Nov. 1. 


Ladies Golf Evening.

Would you like to join the Ladies golf evening on Wednesday night at 7 pm at the MacGregor Golf Course?  This is not competitive, just fun.  All ladies are invited to come out and join us.


Save the date.

Power Skating – October 4


If you would like more information about these events, please contact HRC.

Think you missed something, visit our facebook page for more of what is happening in the municipality of North Norfolk. Please let me know. HRC contact , 204-685-2202