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Building Permits

Building permit prices are as follows:
Value of Building
Permit Fee
$0 - $4999.99   $75.00
$5000 - $24,999.99   $150.00
$25000 - $74,999.99   $300.00
over - $75,000   $500.00

Development permits are $75.00 for farm buildings only. Please note conditional use may apply.

Also please note, your building permit is not valid until we have received payment, a permit number has been given to you by municipal office personnel and has been approved by our Building Inspector. Please make cheques payable to Municipality of North Norfolk.
Call before you dig 1-800-940-3447 or

Manitoba Land Surveyors

Building Permits are required for:
Finishing unfinished spaces in a home (basements, recreation rooms, family rooms, attics, etc.).
Repairing of foundations.
Installation of wood stoves and fire places.
Installation of pools holding over 24 inches of water.
Construction of open decks (with a floor height over 8” above ground level).
Enclosure of an existing open deck (i.e.: sunroom).
Erection of temporary structure (special event tents, temporary garages set up for a period of over 48 hours).
Construction of a detached accessory building with a floor area over 108 sq. feet.
Construction of attached/detached garages and carports.
Demolition, removal or partial removals of buildings/structures.

Building permits are not required for:
Replacement of stucco, siding or shingles with the same material.
Replacement of doors when the opening is not enlarged or reduced in size.
Replacement of an open landing and stairs.
Patching, painting and decorating.
Installation of cabinets and shelves.
NOTE: although a building permit may not be required, it is still necessary for the above projects to comply with the building codes and applicable zoning requirements.

For more information on permits, please call our Building Inspector: David Bueckert 204-857-1896.

For questions regarding subdivisions or related information please call Community Planning 204-239-3348