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Dog Control

All dogs within the Municipality of North Norfolk must be licensed every year and kept within their property limits at all times. They must not be allowed to bite, pursue, run at large, cause noise disturbances or defecate on public/private property. The new 2024 license covers the life of the animal. The costs to license your dog are outlined below:
Spayed/neutered dog - $10.00 each                                                       Animal Control Officer Deanna Cummer & her dogs
Non spayed/neutered - $20.00 each.

i) Where a current license is held for the dog the sum of $50.00  is charged for the first impounding, $100.00 for the second impounding, $150.00 for the third impounding, plus $20.00 per day of impounding.   If the dog is found unlicensed, the license fee will also be applied. 
A license may be obtained at the Municipal Office. If you wish to submit a complaint, please submit your complaint in writing to the Municipal Office or phone the Councillor for that ward.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.  

The Municipality of North Norfolk Animal Control Officer is currently Deanna Cummer.

Please contact the office at 204-685-2211 or if you require her services.

Animal Control By-Law 23/2016

*For animal abuse concerns, please call the Provincial Animal Care Line: 1-204-945-8000 or 1-888-945-8001